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Global Ad Agency is one of the affordable Pole Kiosk & Street Advertising Services in Mumbai. Street Pole Kiosk Adevertising bring your message to a local audience and impact your customers where they live, work and play. Street Pole Kiosk Adevertising provides the ideal opportunity to drive your brand into the minds of all commuters, pedestrians and motorists. Located throughout city centres, suburbs and rural areas, Street Pole Kios Advertising delivers point-of-sale and top of mind awareness. An added bonus is the positive contribution this medium provides to the community.

Benefit Of Street Pole Kiosk Adevertising

  • Poster structures are smaller than hoarding, and are present on roads and street pole where Bulletins may be too large.
  • These structures are seen by vehicular traffic and pedestrians in commercial and industrial areas.
  • Designed to be mass produced and posted in multiple locations to flood the market all at once.

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